Dr. Alexander Kleiner

Dr. Alexander Kleiner

Yoga & Holistic Counseling
Munich, Germany

Dr. Alexander Kleiner is the mother of two children and the owner and founder of the yoga studios The STUDIO in Munich (Lehel and Schwabing), where she teaches yoga and leads workshops. She is also represented at international fairs, retreats and in specialist journals as a teacher and an expert. Alex completed her first training in 2010 with Marc Whitwell in Fiji. In her work, she combines self-awareness with yoga and enables her students to feel and thus to heal. Alex teaches her classes with joy and positive energy. It is also important for Alex to build bridges between different worlds and to help women gain their feminine power. Alex comes from the background in law and later in the international financial sector. The experience she gained there, as well as in yoga, was brought together in her Holistic Counselor Training.

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Friday, 19.06
15:15 • 90 MIN
Becoming a Yoga Teacher: How, Where, and Why?

In this panel, we will be discussing the multitude of possibilities when it comes to becoming a Yoga Teacher, going over the major themes, questions, and concerns. Why would you want to be a yoga teacher in the first place and do you have what it takes? Should you become a “certified” teacher? Should you follow a traditional lineage or somebody else’s recently invented method? Should you go to India, some exotic island, or your local studio/favourite teacher?