Elena Lustig

Elena Lustig

Anusara Yoga
Berlin, Germany

Elena Lustig, certified Anusara yoga teacher, coach, author, founder of ProAgeYoga

Growing older means getting better.  

Elena started practicing yoga when she was in her early twenties and has been a passionate yogini throughout her adult life. An internationally certified yoga instructor and Buddhist, Elena has written yoga books and works as a systemic coach. 

In 2017 she founded ProAgeYoga, a program that focusses on the benefits of growing older for the mind and the body. Inspired by her own journey, Elena helps people to embrace the changes and develop the mindset and physical condition they need to age in a healthy and confident way. In 2019 she turned 50, published her book “Pro Age Yoga” and launched her first online yoga-course.

Her personal experiences of growing older, her holistic approach and her humor empower others to live up to their full potential. 

Elena teaches private Yoga Classes, Meditation, Workshops and Retreats and is a keynote speaker. She has been living in Berlin for 22 years. 

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Sunday, 21.06
11:45 • 60 MIN
Diversity in Yoga: Practice Beyond Age, Gender, Race, and Body Dis/Ability

In this panel, we will be discussing the multitude of possibilities when it comes to the practice of yoga and the method’s universal appeal. With 5-6 remarkable speakers, we will go over the issues around age, gender, race, and body dis/ability in yoga, showing how diverse the modern yoga landscape has become!