Frauke Schroth

Frauke Schroth

Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Breath & Meditation

Frauke is an international multi-trained yoga & meditation teacher and trainer and the founder of wild earth alive and Nightdive – Deep House Yoga.

In her 10 years of teaching Yoga, she started on a strongly physical level. Today, her practice as well as her teachings are a balanced mix of physical, mental and spiritual practices. Peace, love, grounding, awareness and clarity are qualities that are often experienced in her lessons. Frauke lives where her heart carries her and travels back to her home country for hosting trainings, workshops and retreats. She shares her knowledge about yoga with kindness, passion and professionalism.

Frauke’s love for electronic music & Yoga lead to her heart project ‘Nightdive – Deep House Yoga’ that she founded together with DJ Ena Lind in 2012, introducing Deep House Yoga to Berlin. Nightdive is a harmonious fusion of dynamic-creative Vinyasa Flow Yoga with touching deep house sounds, performed by Ena Lind. This symphony of soothing basses, invigorating sounds and reviving vinyasa flow is refreshing and liberating and full of Berlin-Charisma!

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Conference Schedule

26.05 21:30 • 90 MIN
Nightdive – Deep House Yoga