Gus Forristal

Gus Forristal

Warrior Flow Yoga

Originally from Los Angeles, California, Gus began his journey with martial arts at a young age, and it was martial arts that helped him learn the importance of self discipline and focus. As he traveled extensively through Asia to train and compete, he realized that what he enjoyed most was to meet new people and share his experiences with them.

Also having a background in gymnastics, Gus came in contact with yoga in 2012 when he met Aria Crescendo, who introduced him to the practice of yoga and the amazing transformation that it bestows. As a result, yoga became a new passion and a discipline that not only gave Gus both strength and flexibility, but also helped him to find balance both mentally and spiritually.

When Gus felt ready to start teaching yoga, sharing its amazing, life-changing benefits with others, he did his first Teacher training with Yogaworks in Los Angeles. The most recent training brought him to Thailand where he studied alongside YogaBeyond and BryceYoga. Now Gus travels the world with the intention of spreading health and wellness message.

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Friday, 19.06
17:15 • 120 MIN
Dissecting Back-Bends & Heart-Openings

Join Aria & Gus on this journey through a multitude of back-bend and heart-opening postures and variations, from simple to complex, beginner to advanced. With their playful approach and plenty of humour, Aria & Gus will bring your practice to the next level, physically and spiritually!

Sunday, 21.06
09:00 • 150 MIN
Inversions for All Levels

In this workshop you will learn the art of going upside-down with lightness of the weather and strength of an elephant! With plenty of preparation, core-strengthening drills, partner exercises and detailed explanations, be prepared to see the word in the new light, literally!