Helga Baumgartner

Helga Baumgartner

Yin Yoga
Regensburg, Germany

Helga is one of the few teachers worldwide who finished more then 500h YA Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Paul and Suzee Grilley in California. Aside from studying with the Grilley’s, she deepened her Yin studies in trainings with Biff Mithoefer, Sarah Powers, Jose de Groot and Josh Summers. She found her spiritual teacher, a female Indian Swami and Vedanta teacher, Swamini Pramananda, in the Indian Himalayas, since then she is traveling and guiding retreats there on a regular basis.

After getting trained a total of more then 850 TT hours in Yin Yoga she has been offering trainings in Yin Yoga since 2014 in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, as well as retreats in Europe and India. She often co-teaches with her partner Lance Pema Wangchen, an US Buddhist who is sharing the path of Meditation, Compassion and Dharma. Helga teaches at festivals and conferences, gives regular classes and workshops, and has a teaching assignment for ‚Yoga and Mindfulness‘ at the university of Regensburg. She is the author of the book ‚Yin Yoga‘ published at BLV in 2015 & 2017.

Her focus and her devotion are on practicing and spreading of the quiet introspective practice of Yin Yoga, which has been of great healing benefit for her mind and body, inspiring her to spread and share the profound and therapeutical magic of the practice for the benefit of all beings.

Helga is a founding member of the non-profit organization Purna Vidya Europe, organizing annual Vedanta workshops and trainings in Europe and India, for the benefit of supporting several Ashrams in India with their social work, kids education, crisis relief plans, environmental education and food supply for those in need.

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Saturday, 20.06
18:15 • 90 MIN
Yin Yoga, Fascia, and the Subtle Body: Issues in Your Tissues

As we all know, life can sometimes be difficult. Stressful. We struggle with what’s happened, and what might happen. We worry about what has been, and what will be. And because of this, tension builds up in our body and in our mind. Through a yoga practice these tensions are brought to the surface and revealed. How can this knowledge influence us in our practice, both as a teacher and as a practitioner of Yoga? We are going to discuss these facts and their possible influence on our practice.

Saturday, 20.06
20:00 • 90 MIN
Yin Yoga: Compassionate Awareness

Yin Yoga offers a gentle practice which doesn’t ask us to achieve anything. It only invites us to take the time for looking inwards and growing into accepting compassion with things as they are. Often times we are struggling with ourselves or with the things life is presenting to us. We are struggling with the past, the presence and even the future yet to come, tensing up all over our body and mind. Yin Yoga can help us in learning how to soften up again. By consciously relaxing our body, we allow ourselves to soften up internally in our mind and our heart, thus reconnecting with our innate ease and peace with both ourselves and the sacred given life.