Jang-Ho Kim

Jang-Ho Kim

Vinyasa Blend
Wiesbaden, Germany


Yoga is Jang-Ho Kim’s way of communication, a way to transfer his experience and his love to the people. His yoga style is an alchemy of sweating, laughing, crying, tension, relaxation and humor. Tae Kwon Do gave him discipline and strength, Qi-Gong taught him how to control the energy and ZEN philosophy has been his mirror for his inner world. With heart and soul, Jang-Ho accompanies the participants on their journey to the unknown inner universe. Jang-Ho leads trainings and retreats around the world and is co-owner of Now Yoga Today, a yoga studio in Wiesbaden Germany.

“I just teach yoga in many variations with the aim to help the people dive deeper into love. Often it is a blend of yoga, qi-gong, zen, and poetry slam. I use the power of words and music to talk to the hearts of the people”

Jang-Ho has been practicing yoga for the past 13 years and teaching for 12 of these years.

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Conference Schedule

24.05 18:45 • 90 MIN
Vinyasa Blend: Yoga & Qi-Gong

25.05 8:00 • 30 MIN
Zen Meditation

25.05 11:45 • 90 MIN
Vinyasa Blend: Zen Flow

26.05 14:45 • 60 MIN
Zen Philosophy

26.05 16:00 • 90 MIN
Vinyasa Blend: Harnessing the Male Qi