Joaquin Gomez

Joaquin Gomez

Ashtanga & Power Yoga
London, UK

Joa has been always connected with the movement. Being an ex-athlete and musician, he combines physical exercise with inner self-discovery. Joa has studied traditional as well as contemporary Yoga in Nepal and India, in places where spirituality and dedication for the practice are essential. His classes vary between traditional yogic practices, flows and athletic conditioning which helps to strengthen the body as well as creating flexibility and endurance. He focuses deeply on alignment as he believes it is key for developing a safe and lasting practice. Joa covers a variety of styles, including Ashtanga Vinyasa, Power Flow, Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga, and Restorative.

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Friday, 09.07
10:00 • 1,5H
The Art of Balance

Movement is our nature, and balancing an inherent art. Just like a child needs time and practice until she is able to stand on two legs, we all require practice to be able to balance on our hands. There are many theories and concepts we can learn on how to balance, but just as that child learning how to stand, arm balancing is possible through practice that involves isolation, implementation and exploration. In this workshop we will cover some fundamental aspects of arm-balancing, as well as work with drills and flows to help you “float” with confidence.

Saturday, 10.07
13:00 • 1,75H
Handstand Fundamentals

Learning how to handstand in a way is just like learning how to stand upright: the same principles and concepts apply. In this workshop you will learn the key principles of hand-standing: you’ll work on drills to develop flexibility and strength, as well as perform various exercises to help you gain that handstand in the middle of the room. The journey of handstand takes some time and consistency, but when you make the effort – results come. Are you ready for this challenge?

Sunday, 11.07
10:00 • 1,5H
Power Yoga Flow (on the Beach)

Power Yoga is a strong dynamic practice, which combines principals from ashtanga vinyasa, hatha yoga, mobility and athletic conditioning. You can expect challenging transitions, fun arm balances and a sweaty, well deserved savasana.