Kai Treude & Jasmin Iranpour

Kai Treude & Jasmin Iranpour

Hatha Yoga
Bad Meinberg, Germany

Kai and Jasmine have a common vision: to share their experiences, to be souls. To practice yoga consciously and with ease and to redefine every moment and really live from the now. Jasmine, with her Persian roots, and Kai with his childhood experience of growing up in Japan, have had many journeys and are used to the hustle and bustle of the world. This gives the two the ability to filter, sort and structure many influences
to coherently define a practice that can be light, playful, loud, quiet, meditative, dynamic and deep at the same time. Whether through cooking, yoga or self-experience workshop – everything is yoga, everything is one.

Jasmin has practiced yoga since she was 16 years old. Having worked for a long time in the star kitchen of Frankfurt, she now leads the Ayurvedic kitchen in the Yoga Vidya center of Bad Meinberg. An empathic way of dealing with oneself and challenging oneself is important to her.

Kai, with roots in Zen Buddhism, creates a very special atmosphere with his warm voice and poetic words, which does not stop him however from running around wildly in his yoga classes through the room, playing with the inner child and blockades.

Together, they are involved in the organizations of the Xperience Festival and give workshops, seminars and yoga retreats of all kinds.

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Conference Schedule

26.05 14:30 • 60 MIN
Serenity: the Art of Flow

26.05 19:30 • 90 MIN
Delta – The Body, Mind & Soul – Connection