Kai Treude

Kai Treude

Mantra Yoga
Bad Meinberg, Germany

Growing up in Japan, Kai has been in contact with a variety of spiritual disciplines from early childhood. The mixture of Japanese Buddhism, Christianity and Shintoism, that he experienced there as a child, as well as the experiences and encounters on his travels later on in life, has given him a natural and integral understanding of life and spirituality, which today is reflected in his way of relating to the world as in every day action, in his vegetarian cooking, and is also projected through his yoga classes and music.

He teaches from the heart, often combining his passion for yoga and music in his classes and workshops at numerous festivals and international retreats.

Since 2015, he regularly gives certified vegan culinary trainings and is also a co-organizer and inventor of the Xperience Festival.

Hi life motto: “A song and a smile on your lips, sweeten EVERY moment.”

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Conference Schedule

26.05 14:30 • 60 MIN
Spiritual Action in Everyday Life

26.05 19:30 • 90 MIN
Mantra Yoga