Lisette Sifon

Lisette Sifon

Anusara & Hormon Yoga

Lisette lives in Berlin and is a yoga teacher with passion and love for the tradition. She first came in contact with yoga through her Chilean mother who taught it. In an intuitive way, Lisette conveys her extensive experience around the topic of a healthy body and mind.

Lisette’s original yoga style is Anusara®Yoga. She also has expanded / supplemented her practice with hormone yoga, her heart project, which is aimed specifically at women with hormonal imbalance such as cycle problems, women who desire to have children or suffer from menopause problems. Her vision and expertise is to naturally lead women back to their own elemental force. For this she gives every year severals hormone yoga workshops that you can find online.

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Sunday, 21.06
11:45 • 60 MIN
Diversity in Yoga: Practice Beyond Age, Gender, Race, and Body Dis/Ability

In this panel, we will be discussing the multitude of possibilities when it comes to the practice of yoga and the method’s universal appeal. With 5-6 remarkable speakers, we will go over the issues around age, gender, race, and body dis/ability in yoga, showing how diverse the modern yoga landscape has become!