Neval Aras

Neval Aras

Yoga Anatomy

Neval Aras is the director of the Sensing Body Academy and a senior yoga teacher trainer working out of studios based in Turkey, Spain and US, known for her expertise in the fields of Anatomy of Movement and Emotional Anatomy in which she teacher trainings. She is a defender of the view that Yoga should be taught in a way that includes both body & emotional awareness in order to achieve true mindfulness. 
She has contributed to various teacher training and is responsible for the increase of Yoga teachers, especially in Istanbul.

As of recently, she is focusing more on anatomy trainings and less on yoga teacher trainings. She works with the universities on research pertaining to yoga and movement, enabling scientific legitimization of the yoga practice and its benefits. To enrich her perspective of functional and emotional anatomy, she has studied with the leading minds and masters in the field – Thomas Myers and Stanley Keleman – to name a few.

The basis of her teaching is the inseparable nature of the physical and emotional bodies. In the Yoga Teacher Training and Anatomy of Movement programs, she focuses on the reality of both the physical and the emotional bodies, discussing how they could be brought into harmony, connecting separate parts into a whole.

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Friday, 09.07.21
11:45 • 1,75H
The Human Mechanics for Back-Bends

This workshop will help you to:
– Understand the relationship between the spinal cord and the pelvic girdle
– Understand the relationship between the parts of the spinal cord and vertebras
– Find the right alignment
– Learn the difference between types of the extension (spinal extension, legs and feet extension, all front body extension)
– Balance the body weight on the grounding points
– Learn the realities of the range of motion
– Learn the difference between pelvic tilt and shift
– Understand the role of the upper extremities for back-bends
– Appreciate your muscles and joints

Saturday, 10.07.21
10:00 • 2H
Body Proportion Realities in Yoga

This workshop will help you to:
– Learn the proportion realities of your body
– Understand how to choose between related parts for movement comparison
– Find the right alignment and points of stabilization, as well as to understand the relation between different body parts
– Understand how we might be injuring our body by not understanding the appropriate relation between different body parts
– Learn how to make use of props to balance different body parts
– Learn all the realities of the movement and find true balance performing Yoga Asanas

Sunday, 11.07.21
10:00 • 2H
Most Affected Body Parts in Yoga and Protection

This workshop will help you to:
– Understand functions of the Asanas
– Value of the right alignment
– Understand the main parts of the body that perform an Asana
– Find the related joints to follow the connection between them
– Learn how to focus all body as a whole picture to understand the most affected areas
– Understand the value of the range of motion to recreate Asanas and how to deepen the poses in accordance with the realities of Human Body Mechanics
– Learn the main ways to protect the joints
– Recognize the Most Affected Body Parts in Yoga
– Understand the relationship between protection and deepening