Stine Lethan

Stine Lethan

Yoga, Active Meditation & Dance
Berlin, Germany

Originally from Denmark, Stine Lethan is an international Berlin-based yoga teacher, a dancer, an avid traveler and a mother of two.

In 1997, Stine moved from Kopenhagen to Berlin to study dance. At the dance school, Stine first came in contact with yoga. After trying to establish her dance career in a very competitive and stressful market, in 2005, Stine ended up doing a Yoga Teacher Training with Patricia Thielemann at the Spirti Yoga Berlin. In 2016, Stine completed the 500 Hour Spirit Yoga Teacher Training, became a senior teacher and an ambassador.

Stine’s teaching style has been developing over years, with the core method being Vinyasa Flow, yet Stine incorporates her own unique touch to it by fusing in the elements of dance, music, chanting, visualizations, various Movement Arts & Body Works, as well as Osho inspired active meditation.

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Saturday, 20.06
09:00 • 150 MIN
The Wild Feminine

Every woman is a goddess. In many of us the inner goddess has fallen asleep and her light in us is covered. Her voice has become so quiet that we can no longer hear her. Together we dedicate ourselves to the feminine essence to find and celebrate the Divine Spark.

We women need a constant contact and connection to our inner healing power and intuition by being anchored in our sensuality and femininity. It is the call of the inner goddess who wants to show us the way.