Vidya Ulbricht

Vidya Ulbricht

Breathing Therapy | Lichtatmung: Founder & Breath Therapist

Vidya was born in New Delhi, India and started early in her childhood with meditation (TM). She is a breath therapist, yoga and meditation teacher and trained in various shamanic traditions and alternative healing methods. In addition to breathing therapy / Lichtatmung, working with women (Wild Woman Dance) is very important to her. Vidya is a qualified Indologist (M.A.) and professional online marketing manager.

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Friday, 19.06
19:30 • 120 MIN
Breathing Therapy | Lichtatmung

Breathing Therapy | Lichtatmung is a dynamic trance breathing meditation, through which personal and collective change and transformation processes can be initiated or accelerated. Through conscious, focused and full breathing, one’s own energy field is built up to such an extent that an expanded, transcendental state of consciousness can be reached, in which one’s own potential can be recognized, and suppressed experiences, feelings and emotions can be made conscious and integrated or dissolved together with the associated programs.