Yamini Muthanna

Yamini Muthanna

Bharatnatyam Dance & Ashtanga Yoga

Yamini is a Bharatnatyam dancer, teacher and choreographer. Her individual approach to technique and creativity are characterised by a distinctive flow of the body movements, which comes from rigorous and disciplined practice of Bharatnatyam and Ashtanga Yoga. As a choreographer, Yamini’s presentations are traditional and secular. Her strength in Choreography relies on her ability to stay within the rubric of Bharatnatyam and use other forms of art like Yoga and Kalaripayatu for her narrative. She puts in a lot of research and time for her work and has so far produced some unique themes inspired form the texts of Yoga Sutra, Mandukya Upanishad and Bhagwat Gita. Her choreography on the Nine Planets have won her appreciation with audience and press as well.

Yamini has established her reputation for sincerity and expertise in all art forms she adopts into her dance presentations. She has performed on various venues in the USA, UK and Fiji Islands. She has performed at many Cultural festivals and corporate events across the country.

Yamini resides in Bengaluru. She hails from the district of a Kodagu and comes from a distinctive culture which is a part of her personality as a dancer. She runs an established Bharatnatyam and Yoga Shaala (School of learning Ancient Arts) called Kalasinchanam Yogastala Ancient Arts Trust (r). She conducts and organises workshops and discussions in Ancient subjects like Sanskrit, Yoga Sutra classes, Karnatic Music classes to name a few. She has authored a book on Yoga “the Power of Yoga” which is now an international best seller and has been translated into various foreign languages.

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Sunday, 21.06
19:15• 45 MIN
Closing Ceremony

In the frames of our closing ceremony, join Yamini for a 45 minute performance of Bharatnatyam dance with elements of story-telling, yoga postures and philosophy. This performance will have explanations, demonstrations and try-it-yourself elements for maximum engagement and enjoyment!