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Berlin Yoga Conference took special care to commit top-quality professionals that are well-respected and beloved in their communities, nationally, and internationally.

The Presenter’s list is carefully though-out to present a balance between national (German) VS international teachers, modern VS traditional approaches, yin (passive) VS yang (active) yoga methods, and female VS male energies.

German Yoga Teachers

International Yoga Teachers

Artists & Speakers

Berlin Yoga Conference is in its essence a yoga event with educational goals in mind, hoping to create the best context for learning, creation, and spread of new ideas. Berlin Yoga Conference also offers a rich arts and culture program, that would provide additional context for learning and expansion of consciousness.

Tracy Jane Sullivan

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Berlin Yoga Conference sees tremendous value in community contributions.
For this reason we ask you to take a moment and share with us your ideas on how we could make this conference even better next time around. Feel free to make suggestions about specific yoga teachers, yoga methods or styles, as well as artists and performers that you would like to see as a part of the next edition.

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