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“Having visited and participated in various yoga conferences, festivals, workshops, teacher trainings, and community meetings, Anastasia observed, learned, and used her insights to come up with this new and exciting project. Trying to make use of the best practices, avoiding common pitfalls, and adding-in her own blend of creative thinking and strong intentions, Anastasia promises that the Berlin Yoga Conference will be a very different and unique experience”.

“Berlin Yoga Conference is a completely new initiative created by Anastasia. It is a new European yoga conference that strives to create “an authentic yoga experience”, with an aim to educate and inform the public, create intercultural bridges and new business opportunities, encourage the expansion of the global yoga community, all of it – in the context of social responsibility and ethical business principles.”

“Yoga Conference in Berlin 24.-26.Mai 2019. Es wird viele tolle Klassen und Workshops geben, also sei auch Du dabei. Ich für meinen Teil kann Euch sagen, ich war ja gerade erst in Berlin und allein die Stadt ist IMMER eine Reise wert. Wenn ich das aber noch mit Yoga verbinden kann… dann erst recht.”

“Die Berlin Yoga Konferenz ist eine neue europäische Yoga-Konferenz, die vom 24. bis 26. Mai 2019 in der Malzfabrik, Berlin stattfindet. Sie wird von der in Berlin lebenden Yogalehrerin Anastasia Shevchenko vorgestellt, ein einzigartiges und interessantes Yoga-Konferenzerlebnis zu liefern. Mit Yogaworkshops und Kursen, Vorträgen, Meditationssitzungen, gemeinsamen Essenszeiten und einem reichen Kunst- und Kulturprogramm bietet die Konferenz sogar eine Yoga-Modenschau und eine Buchmesse.”

“Und was ganz besonders toll ist – non-profit-Organisationen bekommen einen eigenen Space auf der Konferenz. Wir finden: Das klingt wunderbar! Wir sind in Berlin dabei!”

“All of the programming and the organization behind the conference is meant to create a space for self-discovery, a true step towards self-transformation. For different people it would imply a very different experience, because everyone has their own unique path. I would like to emphasize, that there is no comparison or competition between the different levels, or “location” in the path – there is no “less” or “more, no “better” or “worse”, no “higher” or “lower”. This is very important!”

“If you believe in practicing all the eight limbs of Yoga, healing your body and making a difference in your community, then I think you are going to like Anastasia Shevchenko… originally from the Ukraine, was raised in Canada and now lives and teaches in Germany. She started practicing Yoga when she was 15 years old to heal her scoliosis, and finding that it worked, she later went on to become a Yoga Teacher in Hatha Yoga and then Ashtanga Vinyasa. Now, this amazing woman is currently in the process of putting together the first Berlin Yoga Conference, pitched for the 24 – 26 of May, 2019.”

“To celebrate the launch of the Early Bird ticket sales, as well as to provide a little taste of the conference by means of brining to you a part of the presenting team, an exclusive celebratory event is planned, with one full day of yoga, meditation, live music, multi-media presentations, and community bonding time. In the end of the last year we first heard about the Berlin Yoga Conference 2019. Promising to deliver an authentic yoga experience and to become Europe’s hottest yoga event, it nonetheless seemed so far away… Not any more!”

“In this post, I would like to focus (as the very ambitious title suggest) on why I think this project is going to succeed and turn into Europe’s most awaited-for yoga event. Instead of focusing on the high-quality content, the outstanding programming, or the very cool venue in Europe’s hottest city, I want to speak about the heart of the hearts: the amazing, talented, lovely, supportive, and dedicated people who are a part of it.”

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