Stands & Brands

We are looking forward to welcoming you with a stand or as a sponsor at out event.

For 2021, we are preparing for a big yoga and wellness event with a 1000 visitors. Our amazing venue – Motorwerk Berlin – can actually host up to 1500 people comfortably.

As a brand, depending on your budget, you can seek presence and exposure at our event in different ways. See some of the options below!

Your Brand at Our Event

▵   Via a stand showcasing your products & services
▵   Via a lounge running own workshops & discussions
▵   Via product placements (mats, furniture, plants, decorations)
▵   Via an on-site crew engaging in marketing research

▵  Via online on our website and in our social media
▵  Via our Community Mail (Newsletter)
▵  Via the Goodie Bags to each participant at the event
▵  Via your logo on the poster that will be everywhere