Andrea Sauter first started practising yoga ten years ago at the age of forty, primarily because of the physical benefit of the practice. In 2011, she completed a 200hr Teacher Training with Inside Yoga (Young-Ho Kim, Frankfurt, Barbra Noh, Munich and Richard Hackenberg, Munich).

After a severe accident in 2012, Andrea had to start fresh. She met David Regelin, whose approach to biomechanics, using archetypes of forms and the beauty of geometry in connection to the human body, resonated with her. As a result, in April 2013, she joined his 75-hour Teacher Training. In 2017, she completed her Katonah Yoga 200hr certification.

“Through this practice I found the magic of organic, organized nature. Taoism has deepened my sense of the inner directional intelligence of the body. Manipulating the form of the body through poses and refining the measure of the breath through pranayama, Katonah Yoga has provided me with the tools for personal growth and well-being.”

In Katonah Yoga, asana is seen as a metaphor. How you move through a forward bend reflects how you move forward in daily life. The goal of this practice is a healthy body and greater consciousness, using poses to explore and free up your body, mind, and life. The practice is about taking time to refine, define, and align your poses participating in your own well being.

In Andrea’s workshops at the Berlin Yoga Conference, she will help us find our corners and diagonals by breaking down each pose to

  • explore the power of practice,
  • develop our depths for stability,
  • increase our capacity to participate in the world and
  • create safety, sanity, resiliency, and self-actualization.

The practice will be informative, participatory, fun workshops of adjusting, re-orienting, renovating, redefining, re-informing your form in the service of well-being. They are open to all levels and weaves the Katonah Yoga narrative, including asana as origami, form and function, and breathwork.

Stable in the Base (May 25, 16-17.30)

Andrea’s first workshop “Stable in the Base” takes place on Day 2 and will slowly acquaint you with the poses in Katonah Yoga to explore this new way of being. We will aim to open up, be stable in our joints, and create space that allows us to live comfortably and efficiently in our bodies.

Capable in the Middle (May 26, 10-11.30)

With this workshop on Day 3, Andrea will show us how to begin to understand how Katonah Yoga helps us gain knowledge from the physical practice. With our practice, we learn to answer questions such as: What are our strengths and weaknesses, how do our injuries provide us with insight into how we can change our habits? What do our physical body, the shapes we create in our practice and the quality of our breath tell us about our psychology?
We will delve deeper into forward bending; open ourselves up through backbends and inversions.

Having a Higher Vision (May 26, 19.30-21.00)

In Andrea’s final workshop on Day 3, she will move through the element of water with us by connecting each asana to make a collective wave in the ocean. Use solar energy to create flow and design, which will reflect the sun’s radiance. Together we will create the Katonah Yoga Water Salutation before releasing all the heat and learn how to be the “king of your own mountain”. Andrea will guide us through an invigorating standing position that will clear all senses reconnecting us to the internal seasons and the cosmic divine which lies within. Together we will stoke our fires, strengthen our roots, and soothe our souls.

Andrea will teach on Day 2 and 3 of the Berlin Yoga Conference.
Find her schedule here.

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