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Yoga for Stress Relief

Many people have enormous stress every day due to the juggling of family, job or private life. It is often believed that stress is simply part of everyday life and that it is quite normal. But this is not true. Being stressed is not the natural mental and physical state of our bodies which is why we should continuously try to reduce any feeling of anxiety and tension. Stress is the biggest factor when it comes to developing diseases. The more stressed we are, the worse we feel physically and mentally or psychologically. Our body tells us through symptoms such as headache or back pain that the current situation is simply too much for us and that we should take some time off. There are many signs that our body gives us to tell us to take a break. But with our busy lifestyles even these signs are often pushed aside. We tend to simply fight pain with pills and carry on as usual.

So, how can Yoga help against stress?

Our society is there to function. Taking an appointment here, attending a meeting there, we are pre-programmed for hectic days and stress. We just can’t find the time to rest, to take a deep breath. But there are wonderful ways to reduce the stress of everyday life. For example through yoga and meditation.

Yoga reduces stress and strengthens our body
– Yoga stops the release of cortisol
– Yoga stops the release of adrenaline
– Yoga calms the nerves in a very natural way
– Yoga strengthens the immune system
– Yoga strengthens the self-confidence
– Yoga strengthens our back
– Yoga frees from pain
– Yoga helps with depression

Yoga against stress for tense parents

Specifically parents are under enormous pressure due to juggling jobs and raising children. The bills have to be paid, the house has to be paid off, the kindergarten for the children has to be paid and many other costs come up daily to the parents. This can only be managed if we fit in work next to raising the kids and. This requires us to be extremely organized so that the daily routine is as effective as possible. But what I unfortunately see in my circle of friends is anything but a seamless routine. What I witness with many people is that stress and hecticness dominate their days and that also has effects on their children.

Oftentimes parents then lose themselves in being parents. Hobbies and contact to other pleasures are pushed aside or not picked up again at all. This can lead to frustration in the long run and we lose own identity if we’re not pursuing the things we love in life (besides work and family of course). Especially when you are under stress all day long, you have to make sure that this stress is reduced. With your favourite hobbies or favourite sports or simply things that you enjoy. With dear friends or acquaintances where you can forget about time and get back to yourself. But nowadays parents are usually so stressed out that they just don’t feel like doing anything in the evening. A vicious cycle that needs to be broken.

Yoga against stress for working people

It is not only parents who are stressed and looking for an oasis of peace. Nowadays, everyone who works full-time needs to think about reducing stress after a long working day. Work life demands a lot from most of us. We have to function and prove ourselves, every day, again and again. Always higher, faster, further. If you don’t deliver continuously, we don’t function in the way our society is set up. Especially now it is important to reconnect with ourselves. To take the pressure off and accept ourselves as we are. We are all just people and not machines and it is worth reminding ourselves of that on a regular basis. To create a balance to our busy lives, we have to be mindful and bring ourselves back into the present moment.

Yoga against stress for the hectic everyday life

Here is a great opportunity to unroll the yoga mat in the living room in the evening and practice yoga. There are countless yoga videos for beginner to advanced students out there. If you have never done yoga before, I would definitely recommend a yoga class with a professional yoga teacher. Especially in the beginning you should ensure that you are doing the yoga exercises and figures in a correct way to avoid possible permanent injuries. Practicing asanas reduces stress and helps our bodies and minds to come to rest. Due to stress and tension throughout the day, we tense up our muscles in the back and neck area. Through the yoga exercises such as the downward facing dog and breast-opening asanas we stretch our muscles and release the tension. It is often the stress that is the sole reason for tight muscles and with our yoga practice we can gently and carefully loosen these areas and feel relaxed afterwards.

”Come back into balance by simple taking a time-out, resting, and relaxing and practicing mindfulness. Yoga is a great instrument to escape and counterbalance our stressful society.”

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Meditation against stress

In addition to yoga, meditation is a great tool that we can add as a final sequence to our practice to calm our mind. Especially when we are living a busy lifestyle and are exposed to stress all day long, our thoughts circle around the past and the future. We are having a hard time being in the present moment which is why it is important to keep our mind calm. We can learn through yoga and meditation that we can actually control our thoughts. Sit cross-legged and concentrate on your breathing first. You can listen to meditation tunes or just sit in silence and do a silent meditation.

We owe it to ourselves to always take good care of our body and mind, and we should be mindful with the fact that stress can rapidly take over our lives if we don’t implement a mindfulness practice into our everyday life. Stress begins in our head when we think that we have to do everything perfectly and achieve multiple things at the same time. It is time we become more gentle with ourselves and get rid off some of the pressure that we are imposing on ourselves.

Guest blog post by Ganzwunderbar