Since I gave birth, my life has changed in a lot of ways. Suddenly there is a person in your life who needs your attention nearly 24/7.  In other words: I had less freedom… or at least it appeared like it. But instead of thinking the glass is half empty – let’s focus on the half full part.

The last months have taught me to use my time more wisely and adopt other ways of incorporating Yoga into my life. Yes, I do spend more time at home – BUT that doesn’t need to be a negative thing. Thanks to the internet – you can participate in workshops, training and classes from teachers world wide.

I have a monthly subscription to a Yoga online platform to do classes at home. I buy access to workshops regarding whatever topic is relevant to me without worrying about travel costs. But my all-time favorite are Yoga podcasts. They made a lot of walks in the first year as a mum (and you do walk A LOT :-)) more interesting.

I want to name a few of my favorites here today. The list below is not all-embracing. I picked my favorite four podcasts. And just a warning beforehand: some of them might be a bit nerdy – I love anatomy 🙂

TriYoga Podcast:
There are so far only a few podcasts since they started very recently. But I can highly recommend them. TriYoga (based in London) interviews international teachers who come to teach workshops at their studio. Genny Wilkinson Priest does an amazing job interviewing the guests. She stays on topic, focuses on the important things and manages to get to the heart of each topic. These talks often ground me when Social Media and Co created a big distraction from what is really important in Yoga. My personal favorite so far is the interview with Max Strom.

Yogaland Podcast:
Yogaland is a weekly podcast by Andrea Ferretti who used to be an executive editor of Yoga Journal,  She interviews well-known experts about yoga, anatomy and asana – but also related topics like clean beauty & skin care etc. She is married to Jason Crandell who also appears quite often in the podcast. I loved especially these episodes with him as they cover a lot of anatomical questions.

Mindful Strength Podcast:
The Mindful Strength Podcas
t started as a DIY project made completely at the kitchen table in Kathryn Bruni Young’s apartment and turned into a fully produced show where she talks to different professionals in the yoga, movement, rehab and body positivity worlds. Kathryn’s mum already taught Yoga – so she grew up in the yoga scene. I like her podcasts because she does not only interview Yoga professionals. It’s all about movement and how we can adapt and improve our life, Yoga routine and way of thinking.

Da ist Gold drin:
My last recommendation for the German speakers. Dana Schwandt’s podcast “Da ist Gold drin” is not so much about the physicals aspects of Yoga. This one is for your mind… and for your heart <3. How to break bad habits, find a fulfilling job, how to create a life where we don’t constantly live in the cycle of burning out – vacation – burning out – vacation. Yoga is not only on the mat, Yoga is everything and everywhere and Dana helps you to navigate a bit outside the Yoga mat.